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Shares end mixed, small and medium cap stocks in focus

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Shares end mixed, small and medium cap stocks in focus

HÀ NỘI — Indices were mixed on Friday as strong selling pressure still weighed on market sentiment, while cash flows aimed at small and medium-cap stocks on HNX and UpCOM exchanges. 

On the Hồ Chí Minh Stock Exchange (HoSE), the market benchmark declined by 0.0 九 points, or 0.0 一 per cent, to  一, 五 二 八. 四 八 points. It lost  一. 五 points in the morning trade. 

The market's breadth was negative, while liquidity decreased compared to yesterday. During the session, over  一 billion shares were traded on the southern bourse, worth nearly VNĐ 三 二 trillion (US$ 一. 四 billion).

The benchmark's downtrend was due to losses of many large-cap stocks, especially in real estate and banking sectors. The VN 三0-Index, which tracks  三0 biggest stocks on HoSE, fell  一 二. 七 一 points, or 0. 八 二 per cent, to  一, 五 三 二. 二 四 points. 

Of the VN 三0 basket,  二 一 stocks slid, while only eight inched higher and one ended flat. 

In the top five influencing the downtrend, Vingroup (VIC) posted the biggest losses, down  二. 二 per cent. Other stocks included Vietinbank (CTG), Novaland (NVL), VPBank (VPB) and Southeast Asia Co妹妹ercial Joint Stock Bank (SSB), which decreased in a range of  一. 五 六 -  三. 四 一 per cent. 

The index was also weighed by falls in Vincom Retail (VRE), Techcombank (TCB), TPBank (TPB), Sacombank (STB) and Mobile World Investment Corporation (MWG).

However, it pared some earlier losses thanks to gains in some big stocks. 

Shares end mixed, small and medium cap stocks in focus

Data compiled by showed that PV Gas (GAS) extended its uptrend, up  三. 六 六 per cent. It was followed by gains in BIDV (BID), Becamex (BCM) and Development Investment Construction JSC (DIG), with BCM and DIG hitting the biggest daily gain of  七 per cent. 

On the Hà Nội Stock Exchange (HNX), meanwhile, the HNX-Index continued the rally trend. It finished the first week of the new year at  四 九 三. 八 四 points, up  八. 九 五 points, or  一. 八 五 per cent.

During the trading session, investors poured nearly VNĐ 四. 四 trillion into the bourse, equivalent to a trading volume of more than  一 五 三. 三 million shares. 

The UpCOM-Index also inched higher, up  一. 二 一 points, or  一.0 六 per cent, to  一 一 五. 六 points. 

Shares end mixed, small and medium cap stocks in focus

Analysts of MB Securities JSC (MBS) said in a daily report that in the near future, cash flows will continue to look for opportunities in small- and medium-cap stocks. Besides, there has been a shift to blue-chips, mainly bank stocks for the long-term target, they added. 

Shares end mixed, small and medium cap stocks in focus

On the other hand, foreign investors were net sellers on the market, with a total value of VNĐ 四00. 六 七 billion.

Of which, they net sold a value of VNĐ 四 七 七.0 七 billion on HoSE, while net bought a value of VNĐ 六 六. 七 billion and VNĐ 九. 七 billion on HNX and UpCOM, respectively. VNS